Our Treatments

Eklem Tedavisi
Temporomandibular Joint Disease
TME (Temporomandibular Joint) diseases are disorders seen in joint functions as a result of intra- and extra-articular pathologies.
İmplant Uygulamaları
The implant is artificial teeth roots that are placed into the jawbone to regain its function and aesthetics instead of missing teeth.
Diş Beyazlatma
Teeth Whitening
Teeth have natural colors depending on genetic factors.
Orthodontic / Invisalign
Orthodontics treatment is a treatment applied to fix crowded teeth caused by various reasons and to make the ideal closure of upper and lower jaws.
Endodonti - Kök Kanal Tedavisi
Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment is a procedure of removing the inner tissue of the tooth known as the dental pulp, which contains the nerves and blood vessels of a tooth, and filling the gap with root canal sealing materials.
Pedodonti - Çocuk Diş Hekimliği
Pedodontics is the field of pediatric dentistry.
Periodontoloji - Diş eti Hastalıkları ve Tedavisi
Periodontal diseases are inflammatory ones that affect gums and other tissues supporting teeth.
Estetik Diş Hekimliği
Aesthetic Dentistry / Prosthetic Treatment
Prosthetic dentistry is the treatments that are done to complete the current missing teeth of patients, correction of deformity teeth, and speech disorders treatment.